QR code digital menu is a QR code once scan a digital menu can be viewed by any smartphone or mobile device, without having to download any apps or programs. Customers simply scan the QR code in-venue with their phone’s camera to access the digital menu. Implementing a digital menu will reduce physical contact in your venue and shows customers you are taking their health and safety seriously.

QR code digital menu also can take order from on-table, takeaway and delivery customer.

A little QR code history goes a long way

QR codes are a type of two-dimensional barcode that were created in 1994 by the Japanese company Denso Wave to allow high-speed component scanning in the automotive industry. Humble beginnings…

20-plus years later, QR codes have outgrown their initial use thanks to their “Quick Response” to access digital content in the physical world, becoming a powerful mobile marketing tool.

By scanning a QR code you can get instant access to a URL, a vCard, a YouTube video, a social media profile or even download a file, get a discount coupon or perform a PayPal payment.

QR code uses are infinite and that is what makes them so unique.

QR codes can be scanned using a smartphone’s camera, but for it to turn into a decoder, it first needs to be enabled.

Check within the settings of your smartphone’s operating system or prefered browser if there is an option to scan QR codes. If there is, enable it.

Once the feature is active, place your smartphone’s camera over the QR code and you will be redirected to its content in no time.
Alternatively, you can download one of the many QR code readers that are available for all operating systems, and most of them are free.

Substitute Your Traditional Menu Into QR Code Digital Menu